My collection of side projects I’ve created over the years as a method of learning new programming languages, frameworks, and platforms.

I open-source all of my side projects on Github.



An unofficial SomaFM Desktop Player.

I wasn’t a fan of the SomaFM Web Player, so I built a desktop player inspired by the Spotify UI.



An unofficial API for Overwatch Player profiles & statistics.

  • Built using srv (NodeJS Stack)
  • ES2015/Babel
  • Simple HTTP API
  • apiDoc Documentation
  • Hosted on Heroku

A free, donation-based service for deploying temporary Mumble servers

  • Frontend built with YUI Pure CSS
  • Backend built in Python using the Flask framework
  • Postgres as the Database and SQLAlchemy as the ORM
  • Celery messaging queue for scheduling and sending tasks
  • Redis as the message broker for Celery and caching store
  • Python-requests for sending RESTful requests to the backend
  • AWS as the mailer service and backup storage</li>
  • Hosted on Digital Ocean



A modern, opinionated and simple microservices stack built on Express.

  • Node/Express
  • CLI and Framework for building microservices
  • ES6/Babel
  • AVA tests



A Streaming Peer-to-Peer Desktop Music Player based on Magnet URIs.

  • Built with Electron
  • React/Redux
  • Node/ES6/Babel
  • P2P Networking



Play Spotify Playlists on Youtube.

  • Node/Express
  • ES6/Babel/Gulp
  • Youtube/Spotify API
  • Backbone/Marionette



A Golang API wrapper over the Widevine Cloud service from Google. I built this project to better understand the Widevine protection specification.

  • Built in Go



A BIF extractor. Extracts and exports images from a BIF.

This project was built to understand the byte structure of the BIF format.

  • Built in Go

Blockchain Golang Client


A Go (golang) Client for the API.

  • Built in Go


An image sharing website for gamers to share their in-game screenshots with others.

  • Frontend built with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0
  • Backend built in Python using the Flask framework
  • MongoDB as the database
  • AWS S3 for storing images saved in various sizes
  • jQuery filedrop plugin used for realtime uploading


A squad matchmaking platform to help DayZ players find public groups to game with. I built this project not only to help the DayZ community, but to learn more about frontend javascript frameworks, web sockets, and realtime data with

  • Frontend built with Bootstrap and Knockout.js
  • Backend built in Node/Express
  • MongoDB as the database and Mongoose as the ORM
  • Firebase for realtime chat and detection of active players
  • Redis for tracking live and online users



A hosted backend for processing forms on static websites. This project was built for frontend developers who needed a solution for processing simple forms, such as contact forms without requiring a backend. This project is a work-in-progress and not yet released.

  • Frontend built with Bootstrap 2.0/jQuery
  • Backend built in Python/Django
  • Postgres as the database and Django ORM
  • Github login authentication
  • Integrations with Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, S3 and Box



Minecraft Wiki

A Minecraft administration web control panel and tools for administering Minecraft servers.

  • Custom frontend with jQuery UI components
  • Backend built in Python using the Flask framework
  • Reads/Writes to Minecraft flat configuration files
  • SQLite database for managing server backup tasks
  • Reads/Writes I/O to Minecraft’s java console and logfiles for sending/reading messages




A simple file-sharing demo built in NodeJS utilizing <span data-tooltip class=”has-tip”title=”Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) defines a way for client web applications that are loaded in one domain to interact with resources in a different domain”>CORS</span> uploading on AWS S3. This project was built to demonstrate CORS uploading to other developers as a new method of uploading files directly to S3.

  • Newer CSS3 and HTML5 features for some of the uploading animation, gradient and overall look and feel of the UI
  • NodeJS/Express backend for uploading and creating signed URLs
  • Node modules for mime-type detection, uuid generation and cryptography
  • Amazon S3 for Object/File storage with support for DreamObjects S3




A simple frontend application to save short, encrypted or encoded notes without a backend. This project was built to demonstrate saving and encrypting strings of text base64 encoded into the URL

  • Frontend built with the Skeleton CSS framework for a clean, minimal UI
  • No backend. All data is stored in a base64 string in the URL
  • Javascript implementation of the Blowfish cipher for encrypting messages with a key

Mumble Widget

Github Demo

Mumble-widget is a web-based channel viewer widget to display active users on your Mumble server.

This project was built so Mumble Server administrators can embed a simple Javascript widget on their page using just a few lines of HTML/JS.

  • Built in Javascript
  • Grunt for creating compilation/minification/distribution files
  • Hosted scripts on AWS S3 and Cloudfront CDN



A RESTful API for administering virtual Mumble servers.

This project was built to administer Mumble servers for and to separate the logic of administering the mumble servers into a separate, open-source project for others to use. This project also helps simplify the process of using the Ice middleware platform.

  • Backend built in Python with the Flask framework
  • Python-zeroc-ice library for communicating to Mumble servers via the Ice middleware platform
  • All response endpoints are in JSON format with the RESTful design
  • HTTP Digest Authentication for securing endpoints